Outdoor Playhouses

Ignite your child’s great imagination with outdoor playhouses! This is a fun filled place they own that will certainly give them delight and pleasure. Playhouses are advantageous for all children! Active kids like to run around the playground, and when they get tired, they will make it as their refuge. For some children who likes quiet play, they will stay under its roof while doing a pretend play. Let your child divert his attention to active play instead of allowing him to submerge himself in video games. If you aim for maximum development of your children in three aspects – emotional, physical, and cognitive, you will not regret if you buy your own playhouse for your backyard. There are many wonderful playhouses that vary in colors, styles, and designs which will be a good attraction in your yard. The following are some of the playhouses options you can try and explore.
Step2 Four Seasons Playhouse – Pink/Purple

Let your kids experience the feeling of having their own house! Step2 Four Seasons Playhouse is a wonderful playhouse that can be placed either indoor or outdoor. It is an open house which provides a good atmosphere to the children because they can see the beautiful scene outside. It is available in pink and purple colors.

Its floor is molded from tiles which make the interior clean. It has a molded table and two chairs where two playmates can sit and play or eat their snacks when they feel tired of playing. It has also a built-in mailbox with a mail slot. Its electric doorbell adds another play feature to the house. Children will love the door bell since it really makes a sound after being pressed.

The child inside the house can open the Dutch door after the ringing the doorbell sound.This playhouse measures 22.8 x 30.2 x 40.5 inches and weighs 35 pounds.

Neat & Tidy Cottage

Neat & Tidy Cottage is a playhouse that sure to be kept neat and clean by your kids at all times! It is made of durable poly construction that can survive for longer years. It has a molded-in floor with integrated drain holes for easy cleaning and removal of dirt.

Kids will be impressed by its kitchen area that has been molded with complete kitchen materials such as table, faucet, burner and two seats. They would love sitting on the chair while looking at the wonderful scenery outside the playhouse. The four walls of the house are open which allows them to observe the events happening outside.

It has a Dutch door and shutters that can be opened and closed as the visitor comes in. Electronic play phone and doorbell can also be found in this playhouse. This product has a dimension of 51.5 x 35.5 x 20 inches and a weight of 60 pounds.

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town

Allow your child to experience the wonder of Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town! It is an inventive house which enhances child’s creativity. This play house has four different walls with play features in each area where children’s imagination can go wild. At the back of the house is a sports wall.

This area has a sports ball, a basketball hoop and a sports net where one can play a shooting game. A gas station wall with a gas pumper is located at its left side. In this area, kids can pretend gasoline loading. On the right side is the grocery store wall. It has see-through shutters, a drive up window, and an ATM machine. The children can enjoy pretend buying and selling in the grocery.

Another wall is the schoolhouse or firehouse area. It is completed with a table, a chalkboard, and a door. Outstanding is the best word that describes it! This is a great buy you will treasure the rest of your lives!

Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

It’s picnic time! Those kids who love to pretend they are cooking meals for a picnic or preparing food for the guests, this Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse is the best playhouse for them. It has a kitchenette with pretend burners, oven, cupboards, and a molded rock fireplace.

From the kitchen, an imaginative chef can pass meals or play food from the kitchen to the visitor who is waiting at the patio table. Additional features such as working door, mail slot, and picture windows complete the wonders of the playhouse. It also contains pretend phone for communication and a battery-powered doorbell which makes six pleasurable sounds. It is an unassembled playhouse.

By following the instructions given, it is quick and easy to assemble the house which may last for about 45 minutes with the help of screwdriver and power drill. It has a dimension of 45.3 x 15.8 x 47.6 inches and a weight of 65 pounds.