Outdoor Playsets for Kids

Allow your child sweat out with outdoor play sets for kids! These play sets are designed for kids so they will have fun during their outdoor play. You will never go wrong having these play sets in your backyard! Give your child the fun and excitement they will treasure for the rest of their lives! There are many benefits that an outdoor play can give to children. It is significant in the holistic development of the child. It enhances their physical, cognitive, and socialization skills. Nurture their good behavior by permitting them to play with other children! In that way, they will know good values such as waiting for their turn, cooperation, sharing, and many more desirable behaviors. Try to have any of these play sets and let yourself be a witness of the good things it can bring to you and to your family! Below is the list of play sets you can explore.
Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit

Build a great playground in your backyard with Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit! This ready to build swing set is sure to please anyone in the family. It includes a bracket system, two swing seats, one multi-colored tarp, one pair of safety handles, and two pairs of swing hangers.

It also contains illustrated plans and a free DVD for instructions on how to assemble it. The setting up of the play set kit is simple and quick if you will follow carefully the given instructions. Up to 12 children can play in this play set for kids. Lumber, swing, slide and other accessories are not part of the kit but you can buy them separately.

From the four design projects you can choose from, you may customize your swing set with your preferred accessories. The product’s dimension measures 21.5 x 11 x 11.5 inches, and it weighs 33 pounds.

Step2 All Star Sports Climber

Develop your child’s potential by engaging him in sports! Step 2 All Star Sports Climber is an outdoor play set that nurture the love of children for sports while they are still young. There are many physical activities that a child can do in this climber. It teaches children to toss and shoot a ball and kick on a target.

The built-in score keeper is found under the basketball hoop for the child to score on. In this way, the child is able to apply what he learns about numbers in real life situations. These activities do not only improve his mental aspect but it also enhances his motor skills. It has a slide where children can slide down from a high level. Opposite side of the slide is the rock wall which is a challenge to smaller children to climb on.

Aside from the play areas, the set also includes different kinds of ball such as junior-sized football, basketball and soccer ball. This set measures 30 x 63 x 43 inches and weighs 33.5 pounds. Its weight limit is 60 pounds.

Pacific Cycle Manchester Ii 6 – Leg Swing Set

A great outdoor experience is waiting for your kids! With Pacific Cycle Manchester II 6 – Leg Swing Set in your playground, outdoor play will be a blast for sure! This leg swing set is constructed of powder-coated steel to prevent it from rusting and peeling.

Children’s safety is its number one priority! It has legs padded with foam to ensure that the kids are protected at all times. This set is composed of 6-inch wave slide, 2-child glider, and a trapeze with hand grabs to aid the child while he climbs up. In addition to that, it has also a 4-child lawn swing and a see-saw.

Your child will enjoy the comfortable and relaxing feeling as he sits in the contoured swing seat. Its captivating feature includes the combination of three colors such as black, yellow, and silver. This product has a dimension of 243 x 153 x 84 inches.

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Tree house

Are you looking for a good play set for your little kids? Try Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Tree house! This is a durable tree house which let your children climb, slide, and search out for something outside the house. Its roof, which serves as the children’s shade while they play, is made of pebbles.

Amazed your children with its periscope! It pivots to 180 degrees to allow the child to observe the things happening around him. Aside from the periscope that can be found in the elevated playhouse, there are also steps which you can use before you can reach the tree house.

You need to slide down at the opposite side of the ladder if you wish to leave the house. Simple instructions are given together with the product for quick and easy set up. It has a dimension of 66.5 x 25 x 57.5 inches, and it weighs 30 pounds.