Plastic Outdoor Playsets

Meet and greet the sun with a smile! Children will rush outside your house to have some fun with Mr. Sun! Plastic outdoor play set makes their outdoor experience more meaningful. No other toys can ever beat the plastic play set for outdoor use! Through outdoor play, the child is able to express his feelings and release his stress. This makes him happier and livelier! Give what is best for your kids! Outdoor play is a step in building the child’s self-esteem. It enhances his socialization skills and helps him develop his desirable values. He can also apply what he has learned from the classroom to real situation and meaningful tasks. Different outdoor play sets have been created because of the proven things it can do to children’s development in all aspects of learning. Here are some of the best plastic outdoor play sets which you may purchase for your kids.
Step2 Arctic Splash Water Table

Meet the sun with Step 2 Arctic Splash Water Table! It will give your child a refreshing and cool feeling while enjoying the heat of the sun. Your water loving child may hard to be stopped when he has already started playing in the water!

This table has several features which include a glacier mountain with an ice slide and tunnel. It has also a bucket which is used for dumping water. This activity keeps your child occupied, and the waterfall feature adds to his interest. It has a multi-level water wells that is placed in an elevated design to keep feet clean and dry.

It comes with different squirt toy animals such as polar bear, walrus and penguin. This product is made from the USA. Setting it up is not a problem as long as the instructions are systematically followed. The product has a dimension of 31.5 x 31.5 x 23 inches and a weight of 12 pounds.

Little Tikes Sand and Sea Play Table

Let your child explore the beauty of sand and sea with Little Tikes Sand and Sea Play Table! It is composed of two play areas – the creative sand play and the interactive water play. Both areas will bring much fun and excitement to your children!

This sand and sea themed play table comes with complete materials including the umbrella, sand and water wheels, tools, boats and bridge. All these little equipments can be used in the two areas when playing with water or with sand. It has a lid with several purposes.

When it is closed, it protects the sand and the water from harmful elements such as dirt and other falling debris. Its surface can also be used as a play area. The sand table can hold up to 50 pounds of sand. This product has a dimension of 47.2 x 32.7 x 18.9 inches and a weight of 24.5 pounds.

Step2 Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber

Provide your child with a complete outdoor fun by building up a Step 2 Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber in your backyard! This is composed of two playhouses wherein the one is smaller compared to the other playhouse.

The pretend house is composed of many additional play equipments that will make the children’s imagination run wild. These tools are the skylight, table, stools, message board, clock, and electronic phone. Near the small house is a climbing ladder with foot holes and hand rails to aid in safe climb. When you reach the small tower, you will see a steering wheel, telescope and a bridge that will connect you to a bigger playhouse.

Leave the house by sliding down the slide. To add more enjoyment, hide-out area is found underneath the playhouse. Your child can try going through the tunnel and porthole under. This product measures 56.8 x 123 x 70 inches and weighs 197 pounds.

Little Tikes Swing Along Castle

All the play activities loved by kids are found here! Little Tikes Swing Along Castle has a swing where one can enjoy going forward and backward while meeting through the air. It has a 3-point safety belt to ensure that your kids are safe at all times.

To climb up the elevated surface, the child has to climb up through a rock wall. It helps in the development of his muscles and physical coordination. As the child reaches the top of the castle, he can stay for a while and enjoy the view by using the fun telescope that swivels up to 360 degrees.

Slide in gentle slope is located at the opposite side of the rock wall. It facilitates easy and smooth landings. It takes at least 20minutes to assemble this. Little princes and princesses will surely enjoy their outdoor play in this castle! This product measures 50.2 x 58.5 x 41.2 inches and weighs 32.2 pounds.