Wooden Playhouses

Children’s imagination run wild at most times. And so, they often end up playing in a playhouse where they pretend to cook and eat meals, welcome their visitors, clean the house, and many more activities that are done by older people in a real house. They usually imitate who and what they see. This is one way on how kids acquire knowledge. Let your child’s mind and thoughts travel in an extra mile using a wooden playhouse!  Playhouse made of wood is a close-to-real house so kids will enjoy the feeling of playing there. Aside from that, children find it comfortable to stay there due to its-not-so hot temperature. Playhouses also serve as decorative element in your backyard. They can capture the attention not only of your kids but your visitors as well. Below is a list of wooden playhouses that you can put up and assemble in your yard.
Swing-N-Slide Newport News Wooden Swing Set

Designed for families, Swing-N-Slide Newport News Wooden Swing Set has everything that a family needs for a swing set! It is tested for residential use only. Surprise your children with this swing and playhouse combination set features! The playhouse is surely a venue for your child to express his creativity.

Its 16-foot high tower has a decorative window for your child to peep the outside scenes. On the other hand, the swing is helpful in the development of his motor skills. It is made from a durable construction using only the finest lumber.

The set includes 2 swings and an acrobatic swing, an 8’ slide, picnic table, and flower boxes. The product is recommended for children aging 4 years and up. Approximately six players can play in the set. The product has a 5-year guarantee. Its dimension measures Length: 150.0 “; Height: 120.0 “; Width: 168.0”, and it weighs 535.0 pounds.

Swing – N – Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready – To Assemble Swing Set Kit

Let your kids have his fantastic outdoor experience straight from your home! Tested for residential use only, Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Ready-to-Assemble contains the award-winning Rapid-LOC bracket system which helps you save time as you build and play the set.

This product is made from the finest pre-cut stained lumber and poly-coated 4″x4″x8’s for a longer lasting use. The set is composed of numerous play features such as a climbing wall with 8 climbing rocks, wave slide, 2 heavy-duty swing seats, strong swing hangers, monkey bars and end ladder, trapeze combo and 2 play decks. It has also safety handles, durable canopy, picnic bench, and rung ladder. With so many things to do, your child will have a hard time which one to choose.

Together with the playground set are the fully-illustrated plans and a DVD which instructs you how to assemble the playground. It has a dimension of 95.8 x 37.5 x 21.5 inches and a weight of 475 pounds.

KidKraft Outdoor Cottage Clubhouse

Allow your children to gather and hang-out together in the KidKraft Outdoor Cottage Clubhouse! This playhouse is something that will encourage pretend play and creativity to every child. It is their haven to share secrets and stories and do some mellow down activities after a tiring running and crawling around the playground.

It has a high quality and detailed structure that will astound your kids! It has a functional door and window which provide a close-to-real experience to the kids when they open and close them. Above the door is a chalkboard where the child’s name can be written to let others know that it is his house. Inside the playhouse, a sink and storage space can be found.

Children’s imagination may run naturally in this area. The playhouse is made of a strong wood. It is weather-resistant that will surely give long years of fun and excitement to the children. It has a dimension of 50 x 24 x 24.5 inches.

Blue Ridge Chateau Play Set

Amaze your kids with the play features of Blue Ridge Chateau Play Set! It has a quality and a good size playhouse that your kids will surely love. It is a place to stay when they get tired of active games. Aside from the play house, it has also a climbing wall, slide and swing that add to children’s fun and excitement outdoor playing.

Before they can enter the play house, they need to pass through the rock wall by using the climbing rope. When they reach the house, they can exit it through a smooth slip in a 10-foot wave slide. This play set is made from an Asian Cedar wood family called Cunninghamia Lanceolata. The lumber is factory stained and sealed to protect it from rotting, decaying, and any damage caused by some insects.

Because of this, your playground set will surely last for more years. This has a dimension of 19ft L x 18ft W x 11ft H, and a shipping weight of 840 pounds.